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Choosing Sustainable & Healthy Materials Checklist
For homeowners who want to create a comfortable, sustainable & healthy home
40 of the first things to think about before you start choosing sustainable and healthy materials for your home. It's not everything, but it's a great quick start!
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"OMG - this checklist lit a fire inside me, now I’m determined to renovate my home in a more sustainable way!

I'm so excited! I can't wait for the day when I can move my family back into our ‘better than new’ home. Thanks for all the tips. This was exactly what I needed!”

- Megan Long, mum of 5
In this free checklist, I'll show you:
Set yourself up to create the home of your dreams by getting the planning right from the start. Follow these steps and you'll have a clear vision so it will be easier for you to complete your home with less stress, less time and less wasted money!
Sustainability means different things to different people - what does it mean to you?

Also, everyone has different health and wellbeing needs - it's time to get clear on yours!
Learn plenty of tips and answer some simple questions to kickstart you in the right direction when choosing sustainable and healthy materials for your dream home.
Get started on your design ideas by following some simple questions, and you'll be on your way to create a sustainable and beautiful home. Winning!
and more...
Hi, I'm Nadine Samwell - an interior designer and founder of the Eco Edition Design School, and I help homeowners like you to create their own comfortable, sustainable and healthy home.
This Checklist will get you started on your journey to sustainably renovate your existing home or build your new home.

Without it, you will waste your time, and get stressed and confused by not knowing the basics about what to consider first. If you get these foundations wrong, you’re more likely to make mistakes when you’re choosing materials, which can cost you money, time and heartache.

With it, you can be confident that you’re clear on what you want, why you want it and you’ll have taken your first steps towards creating a sustainable and healthy home that you’ll love and feel proud of.

Nadine Samwell x

Finding materials to select to suit your style, budget and sustainability goals is only a click away... 
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